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i want whiter teeth ,home remedies are the cheapest and best teeth whitening tools

I want whiter teeth,and i really don’t want to spend a whole lots of money.After during some research ,I found that going to the Dentist  for teeth whitening solutions can be very costly and expensive.That is why i’m offering you a home remedy solution that will cost you almost anything because you already have most of the items needed in your own home.I want to share with you an article I found on the cheapest and best whitening tools and home remedies.

Teeth whitening is simply the process of lightening the color and shade of your teeth through common dental procedures. Just like the shade, color and texture of our hair are different, so also is our teeth. Very few people are born with naturally sparkling teeth. And so a lot of people choose to brighten the shade of their teeth via the process of teeth whitening.

Also, as we get older, our teeth generally begin to turn a yellower shade. This is mostly down to many factors. The most common being the accumulation from things like tobaccoteacoffee, etc. over the years.

FUN FACT: Do you know that stains and plaques in the teeth can weaken enamel and leave it vulnerable to more damage? Teeth whitening can help by attacking the stains and plaques

Due to the fact that professional teeth whitening is NOT a one-time process and involves numerous tiresome trips to the dentist… not to mention the hefty costs involved; safercheaper and effective DIY solutions started to spring up:

  • Teeth whitening toothpastes.
  • Teeth whitening strips and gels.
  • Teeth whitening pen
  • Laser teeth whitening systems
  • Etc

By far the best DIY solution has been the laser teeth whitening option.Ifound this in

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Teeth whitening,fastest way to whiter teeth

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Different ideas for teeth whitening

1.choarcoal treatment 2.baking soda3.perioxide4.lime5.coconut oil6. More methods including

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